“Thanks to the Foundation, we have totally reinvented our efforts to launch new ventures from the CU ecosystem. This class has been a true partnership, bringing together students ranging from PhDs in Aerospace to MBAs to Sophomores in communications. The funding has been an ignition switch to first encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, and then set these ventures on a trajectory to success.”

— Jeff York, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder​

collaboration is essential

There is a disconnect between today’s brightest technologists, engineers, and scientists and the sharpest business minds and entrepreneurs. They do not often speak the same language. As a result, many ideas do not survive the early stages of business development or succeed in the market. Innovation is lost.

At the Intuitive Foundation, we believe that the future of our world depends on bringing today’s technologists and business leaders together in a collaborative environment to foster a culture of communication and creativity. These interactions have the potential to find solutions to real-world problems and bring disruptive technologies out of the lab and into the world.

Robert Dobkin created the Intuitive Foundation in 2017 with the goal of providing inventive minds with the resources they need to find sustainable solutions to the issues facing our world today.

“I started the Intuitive Foundation to give back to engineers and the next generation of students. I like to help people and I like to help technology to go forward. From the Foundation, I want to see technological advances and I want to see people being successful.”

— Robert Dobkin, Founder, Intuitive Foundation

Our Mission

Pairing entrepreneurs in business and technology to achieve greatness together.


We envision a world where the best ideas never get stuck inside a lab. 

What We Believe

To achieve success, we believe: