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We're inspired by founders

We provide training on entrepreneurship, connect science and business minds, and partner with leading universities. Our approach pairs individuals with complementary skill sets to thrive as a startup.

“The Foundation invested directly in our company and enabled us to continue expanding throughout California, helping thousands of people access mental healthcare.”

— Matthew Milford, Foresight Mental Health, UC Berkeley

Innovation can change the world

“The Intuitive Foundation aims to create synergy between people who wouldn’t necessarily have a relationship. One of our primary goals is to bring business and engineering together to get a better result than either can accomplish by itself.” 

— Robert Dobkin, Founder, Intuitive Foundation


The Intuitive Foundation provides grants and training on entrepreneurship skills to support the fields of engineering, technology, and science. Through our social innovation fellowships, we set up students with the resources and mentorship they need to succeed.

We dream that technologists and entrepreneurs will join together to find cutting-edge, marketable solutions that impact their communities and the world. 

We pair up young, bright minds in business and science and provide them with training on entrepreneurship so that they can achieve greatness together.

Innovation Fellowship Focus Areas

person training on entrepreneurship skills

Solving real-world problems with marketable solutions will require bringing together technologists and entrepreneurs. Through our entrepreneurship course, we can give these young people a supportive environment and a shared language to communicate with each other.

electric vehicle being charged
Sustainable Solutions

In large cities and increasingly in rural areas, we see opportunities to improve the way people live and move around in their daily lives. We believe that “sustainable” means having a true understanding of how we consume resources, concerning type and usage.

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Human Impact

For many people, their cognitive abilities fail before their body does. We are investing in human performance to allow people to do the activities they enjoy and to live their lives as fully as possible as they age. We believe that social entrepreneurship can positively impact people’s lives in every corner of the world.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Breakthroughs in engineering and technology have the power to change the course of our collective future. We believe in supporting and encouraging students as they uncover new technology that has a meaningful impact on the way we live our lives and learn how to build a tech startup.