University of Colorado Boulder

Leeds School of Business

“Thanks to the Intuitive Foundation, we have totally reinvented our efforts to launch new ventures from the CU ecosystem. This class has been a true partnership, bringing together students ranging from CU Boulder MBAs to PhDs in Aerospace to Sophomores in communications. The funding has been an ignition switch to first encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and then set these ventures on a trajectory to success.”

Jeff York, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Grant Helps Student-Led Businesses Thrive Beyond the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business was awarded a grant in the Fall of 2018 by the Robert and Kathleen Dobkin Intuitive Foundation to cultivate the top student-run start-ups, by providing the tools, guidance, and resources to bring about viable business ventures. The Master Course in Entrepreneurship will attract top entrepreneurial students throughout the University of Colorado who demonstrate traction on a specific concept and are ready to launch a viable venture beyond the university.

The grant will fund CU Boulder entrepreneurship, one of the core areas of focus for the Intuitive Foundation. The course will be a catalyst for launching real-world, student-run, businesses. To do so, it will focus on the following:

  • Communicating technical and complex concepts clearly and simply
  • Refining technology and projects
  • Mastering pitches for investors
  • Fostering mentoring connections within the start-up community

This new course will leverage Boulder’s rich start-up and innovation community, as well as the experience of business leaders across a wide range of growth phases. It will be taught by Professor Jeffrey G York, who is the Academic Director of the CU Boulder Deming Center for Entrepreneurship. 

“The best thing about [the New Venture Launch class] was being able to work with other students who come from  different disciplines and departments across the university. This allowed dynamic conversations  and opportunities for ideas to be shared that otherwise might not have come up, if siloed.”

— Student, University of Colorado Boulder