“The Foundation has helped us bring together the best students from diverse intellectual backgrounds to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. ”

— Ken Singer​​​​, Professor, UC Berkeley​

Pairing up bright minds

“Our dream for the Intuitive Foundation is to help our community and help students. What we’re trying to do through our program at the universities is to give young technologists and business people the confidence and the ability to take their ideas from the lab and share them with the world.

We hope to bring students from business, law, humanities, engineering, and other technical fields together to experience the importance of cross-disciplinary skills within a business team.”

— Gabe Fenton, President, Intuitive Foundation


The Intuitive Foundation works in collaboration with leading educational and research facilities to build a platform that provides educational and mentorship opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers. These non-traditional, creative thinkers are bringing marketable solutions to solve real-world problems in the fields of technology, medicine, science, and engineering. Innovation and impact lies in the hands of the next generation.

We are honored to have worked with many inspiring professors, students, entrepreneurs, and engineers who are committed to impacting the world with their ideas.


"This partnership has been groundbreaking. It has given us the ability to plug into the world's most advanced entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley."
Dave Mawhinney
Professor, Carnegie Mellon
“Bob was gracious enough to meet with our team and share some advice on making our product better. More importantly, he was willing to share his hopes for what he wants to see taught with circuitry education. With his years of experience, he painted our team a picture of what STEM skills and concepts are essential to aspiring young engineers who want to start a successful electrical engineering career.”
Richard Franklin
EdBoard Technologies, CU Boulder
“The Intuitive Foundation supported our team while we simultaneously performed a market pivot and navigated the uncharted waters of the pandemic. Bob and Gabe helped hold us accountable during customer and partner discovery activities, leading to strong content partner relationships.”
Brad Factor
EKTO VR, Carnegie Mellon University